Surface preparation is a crucial step in many different types of projects. It ensures that the surface is properly prepared and ready for the application of coatings or finishes. There are various types of surface preparation methods that are commonly used, each serving a specific purpose. No matter the type of surface preparation method used, it is important to choose the right technique based on the specific surface and the desired end result. By adequately preparing the surface, you can ensure a long-lasting and high-quality finish.


Surface preparation is defined as “the cleaning or preparing of the metal surface prior to the application of a coating.” In practice, surface preparation embraces many things, which fall under this term. For example, the removal of mill scale , rust, removal of imperfections, removal of existing coatings and or other contaminants. The creation of a profile on the metal surface also falls under the preparation of surfaces. In this way a good adhesion layer is created between the object and the coating that is applied to it.

It can be performed by using chemicals to clean and treat the surface, or by using mechanical methods to alter its texture or remove unwanted substances such as weld spatters. To prepare materials like (stainless) steel, aluminium and wood, different surface preparation techniques can be used.


Surface preparation is a vital step in any construction or renovation project, as it ensures a smooth and durable finish. Various types of techniques and materials are employed to achieve the desired results.


One commonly used method in surface preparation is abrasive blasting. This technique entails utilizing abrasive materials like sand, shot, or glass beads to thoroughly clean and roughen the surface. By doing so, any contaminants, rust, or old coatings are effectively removed, leaving behind an ideal surface for the application of new coatings or paints. Abrasive blasting is a highly efficient and versatile method that can be employed in various industries and applications, including automotive, construction, shipbuilding, and metal fabrication, among others. It is especially beneficial for surfaces that require thorough cleaning and surface profiling to ensure optimal adhesion of coatings. The abrasive materials used in this process are propelled with high-pressure compressed air or water to achieve the desired level of surface cleanliness and roughness. The selection of suitable abrasive material and blasting parameters is crucial to achieve the desired surface preparation results. Overall, abrasive blasting is a widely used technique that significantly improves the quality and durability of coatings, making it an indispensable step in many industrial processes.


Another technique is chemical cleaning, which involves the use of chemicals to dissolve and remove grease, oil, and other contaminants. This method is especially useful for surfaces that cannot withstand abrasive blasting or require delicate handling. Mechanical methods, such as grinding or sanding, are also used to smoothen rough surfaces and remove imperfections. These methods can be employed on various surfaces, including concrete, metal, wood, and even plastics. Overall, careful consideration of the type of surface and its specific requirements is crucial in determining the most suitable surface preparation technique. By choosing the appropriate method, one can ensure an excellent foundation for a flawless and long-lasting finish.


MontiPower power tools are the solution to all your surface preparation problems. The tools of MontiPower do the same job as the usual techniques for surface prep, but better, more effective and without all the additional disadvantages.

Our specially designed technology with portable, semi-automatic machines not only ensures that the surface is cleaned, but also creates the roughness or surface profile for optimal adhesion layer for the new coating. It makes MontiPower’s power tools the alternative to ‘sandblasting‘ for smaller areas or when regulations do not allow the use of loose abrasives in the open field or where loose abrasive blasting is less productive.

We offer highly effective solutions for preparing surfaces with our Bristle Blaster®. Rust, paint, mill scale; removing the various types of dirt has never been easier. Moreover, with the use of MontiPower’s surface preparation tools, you are no longer dependent on external parties; from now on, you will be preparing surfaces all by yourself. With our wide range of rotating, patented bristles, you will always find a solution for your own specific situation at MontiPower. It makes an investment in MontiPower’s power tools the perfect investment that will save you both time and money in the short term.

Frits Doddema

Frits Doddema

Author of MontiPower®

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Our CEO Frits Doddema, born in 1970, has a background in Industrial Coatings since 1998. He worked for Sigma Marine Coatings The Netherlands, Carboline Coatings for Germany/Central Europe, STOPAQ BV from the Netherlands, and SealforLife Industries before he joined MONTI - Werkzeuge GmbH in 2018. Since 2008 he works as the CEO/Partner.

He is passionate about alternating solutions which make a true difference. Nothing is impossible is his credo. To make the impossible possible, Frits and the management believe in just one idea to make it happen and to turn the company in a great firm. The innovative approach for game-changing blasting and paint solutions is hands-on keeping in mind the difficult field circumstances for operators, respecting nature and long term costs. The mission is to avoid any disagreement over quality of prep work and coating. Frits and his team push for non-hazardous long term corrosion prevention solutions to overcome any hassle out of a coating job ensuring the best possible bond. The world’s best coatings deserve the world’s best surface preparation. Like in daily life, preparation is everything. From different perspectives like Safety, Health, Ergonomics, Productivity, Recyclability, Co2 neutrality of the plant and the coating process, Substrate Compatibility, Corrosion Resistance, Frits and team are driven to come with improved unique contribution solutions to existing and new end markets.


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