Preparation from scratch
Prepper Q10
Preparation from scratch

Prepper® Q10
clamped operations

The Cleantech Prepper® Q10 for clamped operations represents a real breakthrough as it makes it possible to treat considerably wider surfaces using only one machine. The Prepper® Q10 is available on request and project specific.

Prepper Q10 clamped
Prepper Q10 clamped


The Cleantech Prepper® Q10 enables optimal coating performance through a programmable and automated process providing a constant and reliable roughness profile to the substrate. Simply program the desired roughness and the Prepper® Q10 will deliver a regular

peak height and peak density to optimize your substrate surface, all without safety hazards, dust or loose media. The Prepper® Q10 solution can also be included in factory applied coating processes.

Up to 4x faster than conventional blasting enabling greater coverage per hour

5 Million strikes per minute

Adjustable accelerator bar enables changes to roughness profile

1m2 cleaned in 127 seconds

Dust collection built-in

Oscillating brushes enable uniform, optimal surface coverage