Surface Preparation

Benefits of MontiPower® Marine

Corrosion is a multi-billion dollar problem on marine vessels. A well-prepared surface is free of soluble materials that could cause surface coatings to fail prematurely and reduce a vessel’s lifespan. Protective coatings on a marine vessel protect its substrate from water, rust, acids, temperature extremes and other elements that could cause corrosion and degradation.

When you protect a vessel’s surface during the cleaning and preparation stages using MontiPower’s solutions, you are better able to ensure the protective coating’s successful bonding process. The coating will last longer and reduce the vessel’s maintenance costs. When conditions are too humid, dry, cold or warm, a vessel’s surface is vulnerable to rust and recontamination.

Bristle Blasting compared to abrasive blasting (loose media)

Compared to abrasive blasting, Bristle Blasting is not extremely labor-intensive and hazardous. During normal abrasive blasting, workers do not only spend long periods of time handling forces of 100 N and above, but also need to take precautions to avoid exposure to the dust containing hazardous chemicals. Furthermore, abrasive blasting methods also create environment problems. For example, the blasting turns the toxic coating into a fine, airborne dust which workers may inhale and which will pollute the surrounding environment.

Battery-driven dust-control solution

With the full extent of the toxicity and long-term health damage caused by lead/asbestos, or chromate 6 containing coating, the public maintenance operations must be completely enclosed to avoid contaminating the environment and to avoid potential risks to the general public health. Thus, the choice for MontiPower®’s solutions including battery-driven dust-control will aid with a significant health, safety and economic impact. Even when you are building a new vessel, surface preparation is essential to the craft’s performance and its crew’s wellbeing in relation to coating.

The best alternative to ship blasting

The MontiPower®’s solutions for marine surface preparation offers the best alternative to blasting methods as sandblasting. Using our surface preparation power tools, you’ll work with a healthy and environmentally friendly alternative for sandblasting ships.

Rotary wire brushing: Wire brushes remove powdery rust, but not rust scale, from a surface

Rotary power disking: Silicon carbide disks clean irregular and pitted surfaces

Abrasive blast cleaning: Compressed air removes rust and other conta-minants to create a rough surface

Mechanical de-scaling: Blades or pounding-type tools remove thick scale and rust build-ups

Solvent cleaning: Detergents and chemicals remove oil, grease and dirt before using blast cleaning techniques

Hydroblasting: High-pressured water blasts off oil, paint and rust without problems with abrasives and dust

Good times to prepare and coat the surfaces on a vessel are during:

  • The ship-building process
  • Repairs
  • Scheduled maintenance
  • Restorations
  • Dry-dock periods