Surface preparation

What is surface preparation?

Surface preparation is defined as “cleaning or processing the metal surface before applying a coating”. In practice, surface preparation includes numerous of things. For example, removing mill scale, rust or other layers that cover a surface. The structure that results from cleaning or processing the metal surface is also surface preparation. This structure creates an ideal bonding layer for a new coating.

What are surface preparation methods?

Over the years, numerous surface preparation methods have been developed. One of the most commonly used surface preparation methods is blasting. The surface is cleaned and processed by a combination of air and a blasting media. Originally this was often done with sand, but this was banned in many countries. Nowadays, therefore, blasting is also done with special blasting media made of other materials. The materials have an abrasive effect which results in the removal of rust and other dirt from the surface. Blasting is not only used to remove dirt; due to the impact of the material on the surface, an adhesive layer is also created for a new coating.

Other common ways of cleaning and processing a surface are chemical cleaning; which removes layers by dissolving the material in acid, grinding and polishing. Despite the fact that these methods have been used for years, each one of them has their drawbacks.

Disadvantages of surface preparation methods

As mentioned earlier, ‘sandblasting’ is a commonly used technique for processing surfaces. However, the sand – or other blasting media – in many cases have an effect that is too damaging for the surface. The force with which the material is blasted on the surface is powerful, which means that it can easily be damaged during blasting. Because some materials are more difficult to process than others, it is recommended that this is always carried out by a professional. A complicated job, which also requires the necessary preparation, which makes sandblasting a relatively expensive way of surface preparation. But that’s not at all necessary.

Sandblasting and the aforementioned chemical method of surface preparation can both be very harmful to the health of humans and the environment. As far as blasting is concerned, this is mainly due to the materials that are used. Due to the great pressure involved in blasting, these materials break apart into small particles. When inhaled, this can lead to various health problems.

With the chemical method of surface preparation, the danger lies in the acid that is used. This usually involves hydrochloric acid; a very aggressive agent that can cause serious problems when in contact with the skin. Moreover, when working with hydrochloric acid, fumes that are dangerous for humans, animals and the environment form.

The solution: surface preparation tools from MontiPower

MontiPower’s power tools are the solution for all your surface preparation problems. The MontiPower tools do the same job as the usual surface preparation techniques, but better, more effectively and without all the additional disadvantages. Our specially designed technology with portable, semi-automatic machines not only ensures that the surface is cleaned, but also creates a structure that is the perfect bonding layer for a new coating. It makes MontiPower’s power tools the perfect alternative to ‘sandblasting’.

We offer highly effective surface preparation solutions with our Bristle Blaster®. Rust, paint, mill scale; removing the different types of dirt has never been easier. In addition, with the use of MontiPower surface preparation tools, you no longer have to rely on external parties; from now on, you can do all the cleaning and processing of surfaces yourself. With our wide range of rotating, patented brushes, you will always find a solution for your own specific situation. It makes an investment in MontiPower’s power tools the perfect investment that will save both time and money in the short term.

How do MontiPower surface preparation tools work?

The Bristle Blaster® features a rotating brush with specially designed, patented curved tips. The power tools, which are also easy to operate in one hand, ensure that different types of surfaces can be cleaned and processed quickly and easily. Here’s how it works: The bristle blaster® and MBX® brush spins at high speed. The curved tips of the brush are stopped by a so-called ‘accelerator bar’. Due to the high speed at which the brush rotates, the tips of the brush are then released behind the accelerator bar with great force. Due to this force, the tips of the brush immediately retract from the surface. It not only ensures effective removal of rust or dirt, but also results in a micro-structure, which provides the perfect bonding layer for a possible new coating.

Stainless steel surface preparation

The tools from MontiPower are also extremely suitable for the surface preparation of stainless steel. Stainless steel is used in many sectors due to its corrosion resistance. Usually this is done without the addition of a coating, but in some cases a coating or coat of paint is required. These layers must be carefully selected. Surface preparation plays an important role in this. Stainless steel generally has a relatively smooth surface. A good surface preparation to create an ideal bonding layer is therefore essential. This is where MontiPower’s surface preparation tools come into play. With the specially developed technique, the Bristle Blasters can ensure an optimal structure on the surface.

Surface preparation in different sectors

Their convenience and effectiveness make the Bristle Blaster® a widely used surface preparation tool in many markets. Think, for example, of the production and maintenance of bridges, tracks and highways. Infrastructure is a sector in which it is important that maintenance is not only done very well, but also safely and quickly. Where traditional methods for surface preparation can be very labor-intensive and unsafe, MontiPower’s power tools contribute to an important effect on health, safety and the economy. The same applies, for example, to surface preparation in the industrial sector, where a lot of work is done with gas and oil, or the maritime sector, in which the environment plays a major role. This makes MontiPower’s power tools the ideal solution for an effective surface preparation in many situations.


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