Surface Preparation

Removing, Cleaning, Profiling

Cars, trains, planes, trams, tractors or trailers. MontiPower® has an extensive line of pneumatic, electric and cordless machines that provide cost-effective alternatives to prepare surfaces for adhesion, protection and finishing in the shop, plant or outdoor. Our direct-to-metal solutions reduce labor costs, improve safety, increase production and positively impact your bottom line. We have been supplying the automotive industry since 1987 and know the importance of speed and performance. Our metal surface preparation tools are very adaptable to any shape and offer benefits that result from savings on logistics, better adhesive performance and fewer repairs, repaints or call-backs.

Automotive body blasting alternative

Using the extensive line of MontiPower® machines, it’s now possible to use a healthy and environmentally friendly alternative for blasting, including sandblasting and soda blasting. You can use our MontiPower® machines, such as the Bristle Blaster®, to prepare almost all automotive parts, including car bodies, airplane bodies, and the bottom of trains.