Peak Times Moments

PEAK TIMES MOMENTS offers an insight into projects, activities and new developments in the world of MontiPower®.
These can be extraordinary cases, but they can also be test results, special activities, product innovations and marketing promotions.
The world of MontiPower® consists of a series of remarkable moments, or, as we say in the world of surface preparation: “Never a dull moment… always a Peak Times Moment”

Peru, ready for coating – NO. 1

A Bristle Blaster® training session took place in Piura, a region located in northwestern Peru which is home to 1,800,000 Peruvians. Recently, the Piura region has become the site of one of Peru’s largest national construction projects: the establishment of a 1,100km natural gas distribution network across several regions.

The goal of this session? To provide instruction to the GyM staff (Graña y Montero, Peru’s largest and oldest construction company) regarding theoretical and practical information concerning the correct use and handling of the Bristle Blaster® Electric equipment, for surface preparation purposes.

Bolivia, ready for coating – NO. 2

In December, Matservice Petróleo performed a field joint coating for Total E&P Bolivia, one of the world’s supermajor oil companies.

Total E&P was recently involved in the installation of an international network with 3150 km of natural gas pipelines, running all the way from Santa Cruz (Bolivia) to Porte Allegre (Brazil).

This time, they opted for MontiPower® and STOPAQ® Seal for Life, Bristle Blaster® and Covalence®.

Since 1995, Total has been involved in the exploration, production and transportation of natural gas in Bolivia.

Through the years, one of Total’s most notable projects has been to overcome the geological challenges posed by the Incahuasi region, in the Andes.

Peru, ready for coating – NO. 3

In this Peak Times Moments, we visit Peru once more. MontiPower® is involved in several projects in this beautiful country.

Our first edition described a MontiPower® training session in Piura, Peru. This time we will travel to the  southeast of Peru, the Andes to be exact, at 4,100 m above sea level. Our Monti systems are in use here at the ‘Mina Constancia’ mines, at a pit with an even nicer name, ‘Pampacancha’.

SEPCON, the facility’s registered contractor, is an international company active in Peru, Bolivia and Argentina, with a focus on EPC projects for the Gas and Oil, Mining and Energy industries. The company prioritises the execution of all projects in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 international standards throughout the process chain.

MontiPower® holds the same views regarding quality and environment and is proud to be contributing to such a special project, in a very special area of our planet!