Surface preparation

OEM surface preparation tools

We produce high-quality surface preparation systems designed to increase throughput at OEM shops.

MontiPower® has an extensive line of surface preparation tools, abrasive belts and health and safety accessories that provide cost-effective alternatives for preparation without loose abrasives the coating of OEM products, tanks, and equipment. Our broad selection of electric, cordless and pneumatic tools and belts is designed to help minimize labor cost, time, as well as waste disposal. Our tool and belt solutions reduce labor costs, improve safety, increase production and positively impact your bottom line. Our ability to offer a constant, uniform and regular cleanliness and anchor profile contributes to corrosion resistance, and aesthetic value sets us apart from the competition.

Supplying the industry for years

We have been supplying cost-effective surface preparation systems to heavy industry fabricators for many years and know the importance of speed and performance. The MontiPower® OEM surface preparation tools are easy to work with and offer benefits that result from faster throughput, fewer repairs, repaints or call-backs.

Our latest decal technology without abrasion allows extremely fast removal of vinyl from trucks, planes, buses, tractors and other objects.