MontiPower® believes in the power of good service.
It starts with great people.

Many brains, one objective. Day in, day out, we all do our best for the success of the company, to satisfy your demands and to make you happy. Each and every one of us – be it in R&D, Production, Sales, PR, Marketing, Purchasing, Administration or in the Warehouse. One goal, one mission, one team!

Working together as a team is the key to make sure clients’ needs are being met at every level of the organization.

Our employees are some of the most well-respected members in the coating industry. Many with top certifications from SSPC, NACE and / or FROSIO, and with decades of coating and surface preparation knowledge and skills in the field. Wherever you are, we have experienced and knowledgeable people there, ready to take the hassle out of your job.

Our flat hierarchy and the lean MontiPower® structure gives our entrepreneurial employees the freedom they require.

Management team

Drs. J.F. (Frits) Doddema

CEO Monti Group,
MONTI – Werkzeuge GmbH & MontiPower® Americas Inc.

Chuck Lockard

General Manager
MontiPower® Americas Inc. 

Cor Prins

Technical Sales Director
Germany & International

Tom Swan

General Manager
MTEST Houston USA 

Sander Hofstee

Innovations Director &
Turnkey Projects Leader

Nathan Knight

Business Counsel &
Board MPA inc

Markus Nier

CFO MONTI – Werkzeuge GmbH

Hermann Henkel

Operations Manager | Technical Purchaser

Herman de Vries

Marketing Director

Irina Tigieva

Social Media&PR

Sales team

Wally Manuel

Sales Director
North America

Chris Lockard

Sales & Customer Support
MontiPower® Americas Inc. 

Matt Manuel

Sales & Customer Support
MontiPower® Americas Inc. 

John Glass

Business Development

Andrew Swan

Sales Director

Michael Leavins

Office Administrator (Mtest Houston)

Joe Norelli

M.Cert Certification & Calibration Engineer (Mtest Houston)

Caleb Cornwell

Certification Tecnician, M.Cert Certification & Calibration Engineer (Mtest Lousiana)

Martin Durcik

Sales Central Europe

Takashi Kaetsu

Sales Japan

Mohamed Hashique

Sales Middle East/India

Dirk Pohlmann

General Manager MontiPower Brazil

Ary Campos Neto

Sales Director Brazil

Filipe Felix de Oliveira

Sales & Service Manager Brazil

Tatiane Santos

Sales & Customer Service Manager Brazil

Theo Keizer

Sales Benelux

Jort Hofstee

R&D Sales Engineer

Erwin Kramer

R&D Sales Engineer

Uwe Boensch

Sales Pipelines Germany

Stefan Floegel

Customer Service Director

Bianca Kerwel

Customer Service

Daniela Odenthal

Customer Service

Christian Langner

Product Consultant

Christiane Henkel

Business Administration Assistant