Absolutely Gründlich

Discover the power of our specialized powertools. Innovative solutions for blasting without grit.
Onshore and offshore. Testing, removing, cleaning, profiling. Innovative blasting technology
that ensures the best possible bond. The world’s best coatings and sealants
deserve the best surface preparation.
Absolutely Gründlich for longterm sustainable protection of your assets.

MontiPower®, preparation from scratch!

The world
of steel

Rust is the biggest enemy of metals.
Good surface preparation ensures the best possible
bond between surface and coating.

It all starts
with perfect

Believe the data. Trust our tools. It’s peaktime.



Our Bristle Blasting method is different than abrasive blasting.
The achieved cleanliness is comparable, but no operator
needs to handle loose media forces of 100N and more.




You can remove rust, stickers, decals, adhesive residues from different surfaces with our belts. Depending on surface there is a right one.

bristle belt set


From industrial to marine, from cars, planes and trains to critical public infrastructure such as bridges, highways and harbours, we have the preparation solutions for all kind of protective coatings and sealants.

Care for
the environment

Care for
Health & safety

author frits doddema

Frits Doddema

Author of MontiPower®

Leadership | Sales | Marketing | Development

Frits is passionate about game-changing alternate products which contribute to a more sustainable world. Passively he invest in various concepts ranging from fashion glasses, hotelsahead, real estate, corrosion-resistant packaging, and in a social network software firm, and actively he devote his days to proteft steel against corrosion. He does have a 20 years trackrecord in sales, marketing, development and manufacturing of problem solving corrosion problems ranging from start-ups, scale-ups and for stockquoted corporations as CEO. The area is pipe welding, surface preparation, coating, sealing, rust passivation, insulation, inspection, testing and corrosion monitoring is my place. Fearless, as a team he enjoys changing smaller operations into larger professional companies.


During his life he has been fortunate to work with and learn from self-made entrepreneurs like Mr. Van Riemsdijk of Asito, or Frans Nooren of Stopaq, John Rich of Berry Plastics. All what is takes is to make the impossible possible. For this, a vision, mission and the right approach is needed in order to stand out versus competition. Without competition you can't win. Focus, discipline and teamwork creates our succes and joy. It binds us and makes us proudly different.


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