The Bristle Blaster® of MontiPower® was – and is – a phenomenal breakthrough when it comes to ‘blasting without grit‘. The patented characteristics of the Bristle Blaster® form the basis of our new machine products which are now being used to enter different markets.

We have the right solution for your problem. Whether you need a powertool for the automotive industry or a power machine for offshore, we have what you need.
From industrial to marine, from mobility to infra, we have the solutions for all kind of sectors. Being part of MontiPower® lets you solve complex challenges, every day. Explore our markets to find out more.


The world’s only hand powertools that can “sandblast”. The patented technology removes corrosion and coatings quickly and thoroughly.

Abrasive belts

Depending on the type of work, there are all kind of belts.
Choose your belt wisely.

Abrasive belts Bristle Blaster

Power machines

The patented characteristics of the Bristle Blaster® form the basis of new power machines and innovations which are now entered into the markets.

Clean air

Via our CAS Alliance Partner we can support you with backpack vacuum cleaner solutions or by ‘Venturi’ principle solutions for the pneumatic MBX® tools.

Backpack Vacuum Cleaner
Spare parts Bristle Blaster

Spare parts

Not only replacement CAS batteries and chargers, but also the matching spare parts for all of your power tools in the MontiPower® quality.