Rust removal

The problem:

What is the alternative way for rust removal?

Rust is the biggest enemy of metals. It is formed where metal reacts with oxygen and moisture. It is a form of corrosion. Corrosion includes the loss of metals, but also any adverse effect on materials as a result of environmental conditions.

Rust is the common name for a very pernicious compound technically called iron oxide. Rusting is a specific kind of corrosion, which applies to metals that contain iron. It starts to form when a drop of water comes into contact with an iron or steel object. In combination with oxygen the metal starts to corrode.

The solution:

The Bristle Blasting Solutions of MontiPower®

The removal of contaminations, imperfections, rust and mill scale, plus creating a roughness profile is called surface preparation. Surface preparation is defined as ‘the cleaning or treating of the metal surface prior to the application of a surface coating’. Good surface preparation ensures the best possible bond between the surface to be coated and the coating to be applied.

How do you get a fully rusted surface clean again? That’s where MontiPower® comes in. Our advanced technology with handheld, semi-automatic or automatic machines is designed to clean and create roughness. The unique method of the Bristle Blaster®  is an amazing innovation in surface preparation.

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