Anchor profile

The problem:

Not sufficient anchor profile

Surface roughness is also known as surface or anchor profile in the coating industry. A sufficient surface profile is required to secure a good adhesion of every coating system and adhesive. Although some mechanical or some chemical bonding coating and sealants do adhere on smooth substrates, a profiled substrate provides a better adhesion and barrier against rustcreep.

The solution:

The Bristle Blasting Technology of MontiPower®

Bristle Blasting technology simultaneously removes corrosion and generates anchor profile. The bristle tips are designed to strike the corroded surface with kinetic energy that is equivalent to standard processes that use grit blast media.

Immediately after the bristle tips strike the surface, they retract (“rebound”) from the surface, which results in both corrosion removal and micro indentation that exposes fresh surface.

Consequently, surfaces that have been treated by Bristle Blasting have a texture and visual cleanliness that mimics those obtained by traditional grit blasting processes.

The Bristle Blaster® removes corrosion, coatings, mill scale and other contaminants – without removing healthy material. It generates anchor profiles ranging from 2,5 to 3,3mil also on weld seams, edges, around bolts and on surface irregularities.

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