MontiPower®UK contracted to maintain Royal Navy submarines

Great news from our partner in the UK: Cactus Industrial ltd. has won a significant contract to supply our Bristle Blasting® technology to the Ministry of Defence. Having gone through extensive trials at Her Majesty’s Naval Base at Portsmouth, the Royal Navy will use the Bristle Blaster® to treat metal surfaces exposed to sea water for both its surface vessels and its submarine fleet.

Our colleagues from Cactus Industrial gave training to Navy personnel and contractors on the effective use of the Bristle Blaster® in preparing surfaces affected by the marine environment. The purchase order was placed and more orders are expected to come.

Royal Navy personnek in the Bristle Blasting training

Quoting Jamie Gallagher, Chief Executive of Cactus Industrial, “We have now trained and educated Royal Navy personnel in how to use the Bristle Blaster® for optimal surface preparation for maintaining the UK’s sea-going fleet. Blasting without grit technology is one of the most effective ways to ensure that Royal Navy ships and submarines are prepared to face the harsh marine environment with as little downtime as possible.”

Also Paul Waugh, Warrant Officer Class 1, Royal Navy, claimed that the Bristle Blasting Technology will considerably reduce time and make preservation efforts during a base maintenance period (BMP) more effective.

Cactus Industrial Ltd. is the sole licensed UK and Ireland distributor for the Bristle Blasting Technology. The company already deploys the technology and coatings in a range of sectors, particularly in the upstream oil and gas industry. The contract with the British Ministry of Defence marks a significant move into military application of the Bristle Blaster®.

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