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Surface preparation without nature spill

The Bristle Blaster® and MBX® method for weld seams, collision repairs, spot and maintenance repair and surface preparation for coatings involves removing rust without loose abrasives and preparing substrates through a hand-held high impact, semi-automatic or automatic wire ‘blast’ machine. This approach is easy, safe, clean and effective for longterm coating and sealant performance. Our vision is to develop closed cycle solutions without any possibility to spill to nature.

Developer of closed Cycle solutions

MontiPower® is the Developer of Closed Cycle Solutions. What does this mean exactly? The term “Closed Cycle Solutions” refers to production cycles not leaving any loose ends. At MontiPower® we develop surface preparation solutions prior to coating application that provide optimal cleanliness and profile without creating waste or leaving residue behind. This is not only our philosophy on site and during operation, it is also true for the manufacture of our brushes. Our brushes are manufactured from A to Z in closed cycle work cells, meeting the highest standards. Each belt is individually checked at each cycle of the production process, leaving no loose ends!

surface preparation without nature spill