The problem:

Is it possible to prepare my surface vibrationless while blasting?

The solution:

Bristle Blaster®; Vibrationless blasting without grit

Easily and effectively remove mill scale, corrosion and coatings with the world’s leading hand-held surface preparation tool.

MontiPower’s Bristle Blaster® combines the ability to produce an abrasive blasted finish with the high mobility and flexibility of a portable hand-held tool. This patented technology is the only feasible solution for maintenance in confined and hard-to-reach areas. It’s easy to operate and removes the need for enclosures, reprocessing or disposal of grit.

The Bristle Blaster® Pneumatic Tool is ATEX approved and can be safely used in Zone 1 (potentially explosive atmospheres) applications.
The Bristle Blaster® Electric Tool ensures excellent flexibility thanks to standard power supply ratings (230 V/120 V).

Due to low vibration and low sound pressure levels no elaborate protective clothing is required.

  • No paint damage to OEM paint surfaces
  • No heat damage or smearing on substrate
  • There is no vibration or jumping – reducing operating fatigue
  • Minimal adhesive residue – can be easily removed with suitable solvent
  • Fast, easy operation – cuts labour by more than 60%

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