The problem:

Is there a dust-free surface preparation tool?

Surface preparation is the essential first step in repairing and protecting equipment and structures.
Inadequate surface preparation is leading cause of failures in the performance of protective coatings. Is there a high performance tool which offers a quick, dust-free blasting and safe grit blasting alternative?

The solution:

MontiPower® Bristle Blasting solutions for dust-free surface preparation.

The Bristle Blaster® pneumatic and MBX® pneumatic come with a safety switch and dust exhaust system as standard equipment for the pneumatic version of the tool.

The Cleantech Prepper® Q10 is a wide surface dust-free blasting tool. Up to 4 times faster than conventional blasting, it’s an ideal grit blasting alternative that enables optimal protective coatings performance. The Cleantech Prepper® Q10 is a high performance surface preparation tool which enables optimal protective coatings performance through a programmable and automated process, providing a constant and reliable roughness profile to the substrate.

Various units allow users to simply program the desired roughness and the Cleantech Prepper® Q10 will deliver a regular peak height and peak density to optimise your substrate surface, ready for the application of protective coatings.

Key Features of the Cleantech Prepper® Q10:

  • 1m² surface cleaned in 127 seconds vs 518 seconds conventional blasting
  • Adjustable and self-sharpening bristles provides longer life per m²
  • Adjustable accelerator bar enables changes to roughness profile
  • Low vibration and sound pressure generation
  • A safe grit blasting alternative, free from dust and loose media.

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