Care for Health
& Safety

Ensuring safety on the job is paramount

We care about ergonomic and physical access, as well as to control sound, vibrations and dust. Ofcourse everything in compliance with local safety regulations.

We care about user friendliness plus ergonomics, so that we take the hassle out of any surface preparation job, in a safe and healthy way.

Personal safety

Using MontiPower® powertools & equipment is considered safer than conventional blasting due to the following:

  • Low risk of injury to the operator due to no usage of pressures
  • Ergonomic design of equipment
  • Nature of bristles (will not cut through safety boots)
  • No usage of loose abrasive blast media will not travel beyond the berried work area
  • Will not cut through ropes (if rope access equipment is used)
  • Low noise and vibration levels
  • Easy to operate for applicator and wear eye glasses as PPE requirement
Environmental Safety
  • No loose abrasive media waste disposal
  • Residual used belts can be returned for recycling as normal household waste
  • Belt dust contamination to surrounding area can be prevented by dust control options
Process Safety
  • Belts does not damage metal substrates
  • Can be used to clean valve faces, seals and even plastic areas without damage
  • Removes corrosion without removing layer of metal substrate
  • Can clean metal surfaces without risk of puncture
  • No risk of pin-hole fracture to pipework, pressure vessels and delicate structures
    (unless fully/completely corroded)
  • Lack of dust/solid media waste – no clogging of valves, air intakes, filters