24-Sustainability report

2023 Sustainability REPORT.
We are proud to make here our latest Sustainability Report available as MontiPower is committed  to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) principles.
At MontiPower, we believe in preparing surfaces by our special designed spring steel wire brushes in such a way that the belts can be recycled, re-sharpened, re-used and the tools re-paired. So, 4 R’s of sustainability in the field, on the job. We also believe in better preparation. This means better cleanliness and profile meeting the needs of each specific paint, coating or adhesives for different substrates ranging from metal, steel, composites, brick, concrete, to teakwood. We offer more than 25 different kind of different brushes. From decal without damaging the surfaces by the Vinyl Zapper® to Subsea Bristle Blasting with a surface profile >50 micron.
Sustainability is a continuous journey, and we are glad that we can offer a fantastic foundation for paints, coatings and adhesives protecting steel assets for life.
We are proud about the progress we have made in 2023.

Phil Chester

Hennef, 2 July 2024. Monti-Werkzeuge has completed the purchase of its Australian distributor Montipower Pty Ltd from its owner Phil Chester.  Montipower is pleased to announce that Phil Chester will continue with the business and take on a new and larger role as Managing Director, Montipower for the Pacific region.  In this position, Phil will not only continue to oversee activities in Australia and New Zealand but he will lead the expansion of our business across a much larger region currently involving sales in ten countries in South-East Asia. This is a new position to support Montipower’s planned investments and growth ambitions in the region.

Björn Kastell

MontiPower is pleased to announce an important organizational update regarding Monti – Werkzeuge GmbH:
„As of April 2, 2024, Mr Björn Kastell has been appointed as Managing Director of Monti – Werkzeuge GmbH and CFO for the Group. Björn will take over the management role from me at Monti-Werkzeuge GmbH and lead the daily financial, production and operational activities of the company…
MontiPower freut sich, eine wichtige organisatorische Änderung bei der Monti – Werkzeuge GmbH bekannt zu geben:
„Mit Wirkung zum 2. April 2024 ist Herr Björn Kastell zum Geschäftsführer der Monti – Werkzeuge GmbH und CFO der Monti Gruppe ernannt worden.  Björn Kastell wird die Geschäftsführung der Monti-Werkzeuge GmbH von mir übernehmen und die täglichen Finanz-, Produktions- und Betriebsaktivitäten des Unternehmens leiten…


MTest Inc. offers same day equipment certifications for our walk-in customers and 24-48 hour turn-around on shipped in equipment. Our talented and trained staff enjoy exceeding the needs and requirements of our customers. Check out our CERT Portal that has helped keep our customers equipment organized since 2021.

If you are looking to get you or your company setup on our portal.

Dare to Prepare

We heartily invite you to our Dare to Prepare Convention that will take place on 6-7 September in Geluwe, Belgium. Date To Prepare is a gathering to meet and greet with the people behind the latest developments and technologies offering surface preparation solutions to H&S, productivity, and environmental problems.

MontiPower makes a Coating Job work better, but also, we make a Coating Job work in a different more effective way for spot repair and maintenance.

We’re looking forward to welcoming you on our conference!

Please send us a mail to register for the event!


This year, our valued distributing partner Euromat celebrated its fiftieth anniversary! The ‘golden’ family business founded by Eric van de Velde, has today five branches spread all over Belgium for rental of machinery. MONTIPOWER was also invited to the party to demonstrate the subsea and other robotic machinery. It was a big honour to celebrate Euromat’s anniversary with their staff and customers. We are proud to be amongst the best in the surface preparation industry!

You can read more about the event here.

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IPLOCA updated its website

New section on the updated website of IPLOCA: Novel Construction Sessions presentations. Check out the category: Changing the Perspective of Surface Preparation Methods through Innovation, a paper written by Dinco Cudic on the MontiPower technology.

You can also download the paper here.


MTEST: opening of the new office in Louisiana

The MTest sings up in the new location in Prairieville, after the opening of the new office in Louisiana. But not only the office is new. Also, please meet a new colleague Caleb Cornwell, MTests Office and Certification Manager for Louisiana. We invite everyone to stop in and visit us at: 16573 Airline highway, Suite A, Prairieville, Louisiana (near Baton Rouge).


Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit. Championship MontiPower®




Preservation Holding AS and MONTI – Werkzeuge GmbH have joined forces

Frits Doddema

Frits Doddema

Author of MontiPower®

Leadership | Sales | Marketing | Development

Our CEO Frits Doddema, born in 1970, has a background in Industrial Coatings since 1998. He worked for Sigma Marine Coatings The Netherlands, Carboline Coatings for Germany/Central Europe, STOPAQ BV from the Netherlands, and SealforLife Industries before he joined MONTI - Werkzeuge GmbH in 2018. Since 2008 he works as the CEO/Partner.

He is passionate about alternating solutions which make a true difference. Nothing is impossible is his credo. To make the impossible possible, Frits and the management believe in just one idea to make it happen and to turn the company in a great firm. The innovative approach for game-changing blasting and paint solutions is hands-on keeping in mind the difficult field circumstances for operators, respecting nature and long term costs. The mission is to avoid any disagreement over quality of prep work and coating. Frits and his team push for non-hazardous long term corrosion prevention solutions to overcome any hassle out of a coating job ensuring the best possible bond. The world’s best coatings deserve the world’s best surface preparation. Like in daily life, preparation is everything. From different perspectives like Safety, Health, Ergonomics, Productivity, Recyclability, Co2 neutrality of the plant and the coating process, Substrate Compatibility, Corrosion Resistance, Frits and team are driven to come with improved unique contribution solutions to existing and new end markets.


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