Preparation from scratch
Preparation from scratch


This belt removes vinyl, adhesive residues, reflecting foils, stickers, decals and double-sided adhesive tape


The patented Vinyl Zapper® removes vinyl, adhesive residues, reflecting foils, stickers, decals and double-sided adhesive tape from acrylic paints on metal surfaces, bright metals, wood, aluminium and trim panels.

The patented design of our German-made Vinyl Zapper® ensures that the paintwork is left undamaged. The Vinyl Zapper® belt is mounted onto an Adaptor system of 23 mm width and can either be used with the drive unit MBX® Pneumatic HD or Electric.

No paint damage to OEM paint surfaces

No surface damage on metal, glass, fiberglass or hard wood

No heat damage or smearing on substrate

No vibration or jumping – reducing operating fatigue

Minimal adhesive residue – can be easily removed with suitable solvent

Fast, easy operation – cuts labour by more than 60%


Adaptor System 23 mm


ZU-071 quadrat
Air Pressure Regulator 23 mm

Specifications (NPT)


Swivel Connector



SE-202-BMC case
Vinyl Zapper® set pneumatic

Frequently asked questions

Vinyl Zapper® Pneumatic

What applications is the Vinyl Zapper® Technology suitable for?

The Vinyl Zapper® can be used to remove all kinds of adhesive sticker from a range of surfaces. This includes vinyl nameplates, stickers, reflecting foils, double-sided adhesive tape, decals and adhesive residues.

What types of surfaces can the Vinyl Zapper® be used on?

The Vinyl Zapper® is primarily used on painted car body parts. Thanks to its special, patented design, it goes about its job without damaging the paint below.

In addition, the Vinyl Zapper® can, of course, also be used on other materials, such as bright metals, aluminum or wood.

It is also suitable to a limited extent for use on water-based paints, fiberglass-reinforced plastic and acrylic glass.

Which drive units can the Vinyl Zapper® be used with?

The Vinyl Zapper® is designed to be used with the MBX® Electric and MBX® Pneumatic drive units. These units guarantee the correct speed for using the Vinyl Zapper® and optimum control of the tool.

What types of surface can be prepared (cleaned) with a Vinyl Zapper®?

This depends very much on the type and composition of the objects to be removed. The surface and how the user handles the tool also play a role. For this reason, it’s not possible to make any general predictions regarding the area of stickers, etc. – that is, how many square feet – that can be removed using a Vinyl Zapper®.

Why are the rubber segments of the Vinyl Zapper® broken?

Check whether the Vinyl Zapper® is mounted the right way round. The arrows on the Vinyl Zapper® indicate the direction of rotation. This means that the rubber segments must point in the direction opposite to the direction of rotation, so that they bend backwards slightly during work.