The problem:

Removal of Chromium-6

Chromium (VI) oxide of chromium trioxide (CrO3) is a hexavalent oxide of chromium and the anhydrous form of anhydride of chromic acid. It is a dark red solid, which dissolves well in water and forms a strong acid therein; the pH of a 1% CrO3 in water solution is about 1.

Chromium trioxide, like other hexavalent chromium compounds, is a highly toxic, carcinogenic and environmentally hazardous substance. The substance is corrosive to the eyes, skin and respiratory system. Repeated or prolonged exposure may cause skin sensitization, asthma and damage to the kidneys.

The solution:

Bristle Blaster®; the most secure method

The most safe method known to us to remove Chromium-6 and prevent damage to people and the environment is the use of the Bristle Blaster® with the portable dust exhauster. The Bristle Blaster® of MontiPower® removes corrosion and generates an anchor profile by using a specially designed rotary bristle tool.
The bristle tips are designed to strike the corroded surface with kinetic energy that is equivalent to standard processes that use grit blast media.
Immediately after the bristle tips strike the surface, they retract (“rebound”) from the surface, which results in both corrosion removal and micro-indentation that exposes fresh surface.

Depending on the surfaces to be treated, you can also use the Bristle Blaster® Double.

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