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About the Monti Group

MontiPower® is part of the Monti Group. Besides MontiPower® the Monti Group contains our brands MTEST, Decapower® and ActiVet®


Management team

Drs. J.F. (Frits) Doddema

CEO Monti Group
MONTI Werkzeuge GmbH & MontiPower® Americas Inc.

Chuck Lockard

General Manager
MontiPower® Americas Inc. 

Cor Prins

Technical Director

Nathan Knight

Business Counsel & Board MPA inc

Michaela Doering

Finance/IT/HR, Operations

Sander Hofstee

Cleantech Innovations Director

Sales team

Alex Montabaur

R&D Director

Wally Manual

Sales North America

Andrew Swan

Sales Director MTEST

Stefan Floegel

Technical Sales Support Industry Solutions

Christoph Wygand

Technical Sales Support Mobility Solutions

Theo Keizer

Technical Sales Support Marine Solutions

Zoran Kovarcek

International Sales Manager

Meike Montabaur

Sales Manager Mobility Germany

Ralf Elias

Sales Manager OEM Germany

Uwe Boensch

Sales Pipelines Germany

Albert Sealy

Mobility Solutions Sales USA

Arturo Serna

Industrial Solutions Sales USA

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