Términos y condiciones generales de venta

1. Controlling Provisions

Accordance with these Terms. Customer assigns to MONTI all of its claims arising from such resale and its rights.
These General Terms and Conditions (“Terms” or “Terms and Conditions”) are the commercial terms of  purchase of products (“Products”) and shall apply to all offers, advices, orders, agreements and deliveries  of Products between MONTI WERKZEUGE GmbH (“MONTI”) and its subsidiaries and affiliates and any  commercial Customer (collectively for the purposes of the agreement the “Customers” and each, individually, a  “Customer”) as far as the Customer is a business, a legal entity under public law or a special fund under public  law. In the absence of written acceptance of these terms and conditions by the Customer, any acceptance of  any delivery or service covered by an order will constitute an acceptance of these terms and conditions. Any  different or additional terms from the Customer are hereby rejected, and no waiver, alteration or modification of  these provisions or any terms of the order will be valid unless made in writing and signed by an officer or other  authorized representative of MONTI. In the event of any discrepancy between any purchase order accepted  by MONTI and these provisions, these provisions shall govern. In case MONTI does not enforce, at any time,  any one of these Terms and Conditions, such event shall not be interpreted as a change of said Terms and  Conditions, nor as MONTI’S waiver to exercise any of said Terms and Conditions. These Terms shall also govern  all future transactions between the parties and shall also apply if MONTI performs delivery despite knowledge of  differing or contrary terms. 

2. General Conditions

MONTI reserves the right to discontinue Products and to revoke or change pricing or terms of service, except  when otherwise indicated in these Terms and Conditions. If, at any time, it becomes necessary to discontinue  service to Customer, to revoke or modify any provisions in these Terms, or to allocate distribution of any  Products, MONTI will take whatever action it considers in its sole and absolute discretion is fair and appropriate.

3. Acceptance

3.1. All orders for Products are subject to acceptance in writing by MONTI and shall not be binding until the  earlier of such acceptance or shipment of the Products and, in the case of acceptance by shipment, only as to  the portion of the order actually shipped. MONTI shall use reasonable commercial efforts to fill orders promptly.  Notwithstanding any prior acceptance by MONTI of a purchase order for a Product, MONTI shall not be  obligated to ship any Product if Customer is in breach of any of these provisions or other contractual obligations  towards MONTI at the time of the scheduled shipment. The ultimate shipment of orders to Customer shall be  subject to the right and ability of MONTI to make such sales, and obtain required licenses and permits, under  all decrees, statutes, rules and regulations of the European Union and the Federal Republic of Germany and  agencies or instrumentalities thereof presently in effect or which may be in effect hereafter. 

3.2. Customer hereby agrees: (i) to assist MONTI in obtaining any such required licenses or permits by  supplying such documentation or information as may be requested by MONTI; (ii) to comply with such decrees,  statutes, rules and regulations of the European Union and the Federal Republic of Germany and agencies or  instrumentalities thereof; (iii) to maintain the necessary records to comply with such decrees, statutes, rules and  regulations; and (iv) to indemnify and hold harmless MONTI from any and all fines, damages, losses, costs and  expenses in accordance with Section 13 hereof. 

4. Payment Terms, Interest

4.1. Invoices are due and payable within 14 days from the date of the invoice except as otherwise provided in  the order confirmation or any other agreement with the Customer. In the event credit has not been established,  MONTI reserves the right to require payment, or the issuance of an irrevocable letter of credit, in advance of  production or shipment. Monti shall not be obligated to extend credit.

4.2. Payments due to MONTI under these provisions shall, if not paid when due under these Terms or any such  agreement, bear interest during the time of default without prior notice. The default rate of interest per year is in  accordance with §288 (2) Bürgerliches Gesetzbuch (German Civil Code) nine percentage points above the basic  rate of interest of the European Central Bank, calculated on the basis of a 360-day year for the number of days  actually elapsed, beginning on the day following the due date and ending on the day prior to the day on which  payment is made in full . Interest accruing under this subsection 4.2 shall be due to MONTI on demand. The  accrual or receipt by MONTI of interest under this subsection shall not constitute a waiver by MONTI of any right  it may otherwise have to declare a default under such agreement or to terminate such agreement.

4.3. If the Customer fails to pay any amount due, MONTI may, without notice to the Customer, suspend all  service provided under these Terms or in any agreement and Customer shall deliver to MONTI all Products in its  possession up to the value of the amount due. Customer agrees to pay MONTI’s attorney’s fees and expenses  and other collection costs in the event collection or other enforcement efforts become necessary or appropriate  in MONTI’s discretion.

5. Shipping Charges, Taxes

5.1. Shipping and handling shall be Ex Works MONTI Germany or such other location where the Product is  produced or stored on behalf of MONTI. In case MONTI shall organize the shipment on behalf of the Customer  all shipping and handling charges shall be charged separately and shall be itemized on MONTI’S invoice(s). Any  discount shall be agreed upon in writing.

5.2. MONTI will add to all prices and other charges any taxes, however designated or levied or based on the  prices or other charges made for the Products or any services rendered or parts supplied pursuant to such  agreement. This section will not apply to organizations that are tax-exempt and provide MONTI with supporting  documentation in form and substance satisfactory to MONTI.

6. No Right of Setoff

The Customer shall be entitled to offset only insofar as the customers counterclaim is acknowledged, undisputed  or assessed in a legally binding judgement. The Customer is entitled to claim retainer rights only to the extent  such rights are based on the same transaction. 

7. Delivery

7.1. All shipping dates are estimates only and are not guaranteed. MONTI agrees to make a good faith effort  to deliver the Product by the date set forth in the order confirmation, provided, however, that MONTI shall have  no responsibility or liability whatsoever for loss or damage by causes beyond its control including but not limited  to, delays by fire, flood, war embargoes, labor disputes, acts of sabotage, riots, accidents, pandemics, delay of  carriers, voluntary or mandatory compliance with any governmental act, regulations or request, shortage of labor,  materials or manufacturing facilities, or any other causes beyond MONTI’S control. Any delivery of software  shall also be subject to license agreements of MONTI. There are no implied licenses under these provisions,  and any rights not expressly granted to Customer hereunder are reserved by MONTI.

7.2. If Customer fails to accept the order, Customer shall nonetheless make payment to MONTI. Where  Customer wrongfully rejects or revokes acceptance of the Products or fails to make payments as set forth herein  or repudiates with respect to all or part of the contract for the Products shipped, MONTI may withhold delivery, or  stop delivery of the Products or cancel the contract and/or sue for damages at MONTI’S exclusive option. Monti  is entitled to claim liquidated damages of 20 % of the purchase price.

7.3. The proof of a higher damage and our legal claims (in particular reimbursement of additional expenses,  appropriate compensation, termination) shall remain unaffected; however, the liquidated damages shall be set  off against further monetary claims. The Customer shall be entitled to prove that MONTI has incurred no damage  at all or substantially less damage than the stated sum.

7.4. If Customer causes a delay in the delivery of the Products, or any part thereof, MONTI, at its sole discretion,  may extend the period of delivery by a period reasonable in consideration of the circumstances, and, if the delay  causes MONTI substantial inconvenience, MONTI has the right to cancel with respect to the Products whose  delivery is delayed. Any expenses or damages resulting from such delays shall be the exclusive responsibility of  Customer. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, MONTI reserves the right to make partial shipments and to submit  invoices for partial shipments.

7.5. MONTI’S responsibility ceases upon delivery to common carrier at the stated shipping point, and risk of  loss, damage, injury or destruction to any of the Products shall pass to Customer upon such delivery to the  carrier (“Delivery”). In no event shall any loss, damage, injury or destruction operate in any manner to release  Customer from the obligation to make payments as set forth herein.

7.6. Upon demand of the Customer and at its costs MONTI will insure the Product for damages during shipment.  Customer shall notify MONTI and the shipping agent of any damages during shipment within three (3) business  days of delivery or such shorter time period as may be required by carrier.

8. Retention of Title

8.1. MONTI shall retain title to all Products sold until full payment of the purchase price has been received and  all claims arising out of the agreement have been satisfied. Customer shall not be able to lease, pledge or  otherwise encumber the products until full title passes to the Customer.

8.2. Any installation or application of the Products by the Customer shall always occur on behalf of, and for the  benefit of, MONTI. If Customer processes, combines or mixes the Products with those of its own or third parties,  then MONTI shall acquire joint title, pro rate, to that part of the goods representing the invoiced value of MONTI’s  Products.

8.3. If Customer combines or mixes the Products with the main products of a third party for compensation,  Customer assigns to MONTI its right to compensation from that third party to the extent of the value of MONTI’s  Products.

8.4. Customer may, in the ordinary course of its business, resell products subject to MONTI’s retention of  title. If Customer does not receive the full purchase price, it shall agree a retention of title with its customer in to retention of title on a pro-rata basis in relation to the MONTI’s Products.

8.5. As long as MONTI holds title to its Products, Customer shall inform MONTI of any risk of the Products falling  under (bankruptcy) attachment or any other claim in respect of MONTI’s Products. If third parties take any action  with regard to the Products to which MONTI holds title, Customer shall immediately inform such third parties of  MONTI’s title.

8.6. MONTI shall be entitled to demand that Customer deliver up and surrender the Products if Customer does  not fulfil its obligations.

9. Cancellation

9.1. Orders placed with and accepted by MONTI may not be cancelled by the Customer except upon MONTI’s  written consent prior to shipment and Customer’s acceptance of MONTI’s cancellation and restocking charges,  which shall protect MONTI against all costs and losses.

9.2. Orders requiring special packaging, including packaging for export, and orders that are customized or  otherwise “made to order” may not be cancelled or postponed.

9.3. If MONTI nevertheless agrees to delay or otherwise cancel the shipment of Products and, in its sole  discretion, restocks or converts such Products, then Customer agrees to pay MONTI a restocking charge of  twenty percent (20%) of the original purchase price.

10. Inspection and Notification

10.1. Customer shall inspect the Products within three (3) business days of receipt to verify compliance with the  specifications as set forth in Monti’s order confirmation.

10.2. In the event of any non-conformity or defect, Customer shall notify MONTI within three (3) business days  thereafter in writing. Customer shall identify and document such non-conformity or defect in a detailed manner.

10.3. In the event that Customer does not inspect or notify MONTI of any non-conformity or defect in the manner  described above, the Product shall be deemed accepted.

11. Warranty

11.1. MONTI warrants to the Customer for a period of twelve (12) months from the date of Delivery, as defined  in 7.5 hereof, the Products that the Products will be free from material defects in materials and workmanship  under normal use, and will conform to MONTI’s published specifications of the Products. The foregoing warranty  is subject to proper installation, operation and maintenance of the Products in accordance with installation and/ or use instructions and the User Manual. All warranty claims must be made by Customer to MONTI in writing  within three (3) business days of occurrence of a defect and prior to the end of the Warranty Period. In case  of non-conformity of the goods the purchaser is entitled to alternative performance in the form of subsequent  improvement or delivery of conforming goods. If such alternative performance has failed, the purchaser is  entitled to reduce the purchase price or to withdraw from the contract.





The Customer shall comply with all laws, rules, regulations and industry standards existing with respect to  the Products and the performance by the Customer of its obligations hereunder in the jurisdictions where the  Customer carries on activities under these Terms and where Products are resold or distributed from time to time.  Customers shall adhere to any safety instructions issued by Monti and inform its customers and employees  accordingly. The Customers shall not export the Products unless such export complies with any applicable  export laws and regulations; resellers shall be obligated to obtain export authorization from the MONTI in writing  prior to export. 

14. Indemnification

Customer hereby agrees to indemnify, defend, and hold Monti harmless from any and all claims, demands,  costs, liabilities, losses, expenses and damages (including reasonable attorneys’ fees, costs, and expert  witnesses’ fees) arising out of or in connection with any claim that, taking the claimant’s allegations to be true,  would result in a breach by the Customer of these terms or any other warranties and covenants in connection  herewith, including but not limited to any safety violations or export regulations.

15. Proprietary Rights and Trademarks.

Customer hereby recognizes MONTI’S absolute right, title and interest in all patents, trademarks, trade  names, logos, copyrights and all other proprietary interest incorporated as any part of either the Products or  other material received from MONTI. Customer shall have no right to register any of MONTI’S trade names or  trademarks in its own name or right, whether as owner, user or otherwise. Customer shall release any rights  it may have acquired in the trade names and trademarks of MONTI and shall execute any and all instruments  MONTI may deem necessary or advisable from time to time to accomplish such release. Upon termination  or expiration of this Agreement, Customer shall immediately cease using all trade names and trademarks of  MONTI and shall not thereafter use any marks or names similar thereto either in connection with the Products  or otherwise. Any and all goodwill associated with such Intellectual Property Rights shall at all times remain the  sole property of MONTI, and upon the expiration or termination of this Agreement for any reason, Customer  shall not be entitled to any compensation for such goodwill or otherwise. Customer shall promptly advise  MONTI of any known or threatened infringement of any MONTI patents, trademarks, copyrights or Confidential  Information with respect to the Products. At MONTI’S request and expense, Customer shall assist MONTI in any  enforcement action MONTI in its discretion determines to take in respect of any such infringement. During the  term of the Agreement, MONTI shall have the right to use the trade names, logos and trademarks of Customer in  advertising and promotional literature and MONTI’S Web site upon Customer’s prior consent.

16. Miscellaneous.

16.1. Export Regulations. Customer acknowledges that the licensed Products and any direct products thereof  may be subject to European Union or German export laws, statutes and regulations, and that Customer will at  all times comply with the provisions of such laws, statutes and regulations including obtaining any necessary or  required licenses. Customer shall not export or re-export or otherwise transmit, directly or indirectly, the licensed  Products or any direct products thereof into, or use the licensed products or any direct products thereof in, any  country prohibited or restricted under European or German export laws, statutes or regulations or any other  applicable laws.

16.2. Governing Law. The agreements between the parties shall be governed and construed in accordance  with the laws of Germany. Furthermore, the parties agree that the terms of The Convention of Contracts for the  International Sale of Goods do not apply to this Agreement.

16.3. Jurisdiction. Any dispute arising from or in connection with these Terms shall be brought exclusively before  the courts of Bonn, Germany, provided MONTI may always bring claims against Customer before the competent  courts of Customer’s place of business.

16.4. Notice. All written notices given by either party under the agreements between the parties shall be given to  the other party at the address shown on the face hereof by mail, overnight mail delivery, or telefax.

16.5. Severability and Waiver. The invalidity or unenforceability of any term or provision of the agreements  between the parties or these provisions shall not affect the validity or enforceability of the remaining terms  or provisions of the agreement between the parties or theses provisions which shall remain in full force and  effect and any such invalid or unenforceable term or provision shall be given full effect to the maximum extent  permissible so as to affect the intent of the parties. Failure by either party to enforce any provision of the  agreement between the parties or these provisions will not be deemed a waiver of future enforcement of that or  any other provision. 

ADDENDUM – Rental Conditions

1. Obligations of Customer

1.1. The rental objects may be used only for their intended pur-pose – including for safety reasons. Customer is obligated to handle the rental object properly and exercise due care while respecting and abiding by all applicable regulations and technical rules pertaining to its use. Customer is obligated to ensure the rental objects are operated exclusively by trained and certified specialists.

1.2. Customer must carefully store the rental object, in particular securing it against theft and protecting it against fire and atmospheric influences. Customer is obligated to inform MONTI of any attempts by third parties to access the rental object, for example by attachment or seizure, as well as any damage to or loss of the rental object without undue delay.

1.3. Customer may not customize, modify or have customized or modified any rental object and / or sublet any rental object. The rental object may only be employed in its original condition..

2. Security deposit

A security deposit, the amount of which shall be determined by MONTI, shall be set by the contracting parties. The security de-posit shall be refunded to Customer while offsetting any claims of MONTI upon return of the rental object in a proper condition. The amount of MONTI’s claim shall not be limited by the secu-rity deposit.

3. Handover of the rental object

3.1. Handover of the rental object shall generally be ex warehouse MONTI. Customer shall be responsible for transport of the rental object from MONTI and back. Customer shall bear the risk of transport.

3.2. In the event of a special agreement between MONTI and Customer, the rental object may be delivered to Customer, set up, dismantled and collected again. Delivery and installation as well as dismantling and return transport shall be at the risk of Customer, even if MONTI or its authorized representatives carry out the transport. The costs incurred shall be invoiced to Customer separately.

3.3. All rental objects are in a perfect, reliable operating condition upon commencement of the rental period. When provided the rental objects, Customer must ensure that such are in perfect condition and check to make sure that no objects or accessories are missing. MONTI is ready and willing to help in the inspection of the rental object if so desired.

3.4. If Customer discovers any defects in this inspection – regardless of the type – it must notify MONTI in writing without undue delay. Customer shall confirm with its signature that it has been provided the rental objects in perfect condition; sub-sequent assertion of claims for damage is thus excluded. If any defects are present, Customer may not use the rental object without the express permission of MONTI.

4. Liability on the part of Customer

4.1. Customer shall be liable for all damage to the rental object caused by willful intent, negligence (even the slightest), im-proper use or other circumstances for which it is responsible (use by unauthorized persons). It shall also be liable for any damage caused by third parties.

4.2. Customer shall be liable for loss of the rental object regard-less of whether the loss is due to circumstances for which Customer is responsible. In the event of loss or damage to the rental object or accessories, the respective parts involved shall be charged at the manufacturer’s list price unless the damage is due to normal wear and tear. No deductions shall be under-taken based on the principle of “new for old”.

5. Notification obligation

Customer is obligated to notify MONTI immediately in writing about any damage to the rental object, irrespective of whether this damage is due to natural wear and tear or is the responsibility of MONTI. It is not permitted to use a damaged rental object or a rental object that is not safe to operate. The rental object may not be opened or repaired by Customer or any third person. Any and all repairs are to be carried out by MONTI or a person commissioned and approved by MONTI. During the period in which the repair is being performed, MONTI shall make available to Customer a comparable rental object insofar as this is possible. During the period in which the repair is being performed, Customer shall not be exempt from its obligation to pay the rent. The same applies if the rental object is lost if Cus-tomer is responsible for the damage or loss. The repair costs shall be borne by Customer if it is responsible for the damage to the rental object.

6. Termination

MONTI is entitled to terminate the Agreement without notice if Customer fails to use the rental unit properly or allows third par-ties to use the rental object without MONTI’s written consent or does not immediately pay arrears on rent in the required form of payment despite being so requested by MONTI. In the event of immediate termination of the rental agreement without notice, MONTI shall be entitled to demand return of the rental object without undue delay.

7. Final stipulations

Customer is obligated to notify MONTI immediately in writing about any damage to the rental object, irrespective of whether this damage is due to natural wear and tear or is the responsibility of MONTI. It is not permitted to use a damaged rental object or a rental object that is not safe to operate. The rental object may not be opened or repaired by Customer or any third person. Any and all repairs are to be carried out by MONTI or a person commissioned and approved by MONTI. During the period in which the repair is being performed, MONTI shall make available to Customer a comparable rental object insofar as this is possible. During the period in which the repair is being performed, Customer shall not be exempt from its obligation to pay the rent. The same applies if the rental object is lost if Customer is responsible for the damage or loss. The repair costs shall be borne by Customer if it is responsible for the damage to the rental object.


Status March 2019, v 1.0