Como amante de los coches y como piloto de carreras de Porsche, Werner Montabaur se inspiró en la perfección y el rendimiento.

Cuando Werner Montabaur, genio inventivo, padre fundador y el hombre que prestó su nombre a la empresa, entró en contacto por primera vez con el campo de la preparación de superficies en los años 80, se dio cuenta muy rápidamente de que las herramientas disponibles estaban lejos de ser capaces de proporcionar el resultado realmente deseado.

MONTI Werkzeuge GmbH
Este descubrimiento casi inmediatamente dio lugar a la idea de desarrollar su propia tecnología. Esto lo llevó a fundar MONTI Werkzeuge GmbH en Bonn durante el año 1987.
Apenas 12 meses después de la fundación de la compañía, se lanza el sistema de cintos de cepillos de 43 mm, conocido como “MontiPower”. En 2018 cambiamos el nombre por el de MontiPower®, llamado así por nuestro primer éxito.
MontiPower® es parte del Grupo Monti.



Company formation

Company formation in 1987 by Werner Montabaur and Detlef Thomas


First Brush Belt System

Just 12 months after the company was founded, the first 43 mm brush belt system, known as “MONTIPOWER” and targeted at the DIY market, is launched. In the beginning, all sales are handled through national and international DIY stores.


U92 & Decapower

The first patented 23 mm belts (U92 and Decapower) for the brush belt system hit the market as power-drill and angle-grinder attachments and are used for both automotive (U92) and DIY (Decapower) applications. Whereas sales of the Decapower belts are particularly good right from the very start, successful application in car workshops initially eludes the U92 series. Only after the focus is shifted to the removal of underseal does the U92 brush belt system really take off.


First Pneumatic Drive Unit

The birth of the first pneumatic drive unit lays the foundation stone for the MBX® series. In combination with the patented Adapter System, MONTI creates a genuinely new product and is able to celebrate its first success with a machine designed in-house. The MBX® series quickly makes a name for itself in the automotive industry, achieving a level of recognition it still enjoys today.


The MONTI Color-Coding System

The increasing demand from the market and the growing group of users leads Werner Montabaur to develop different belts for the various application areas. In collaboration with another renowned German company, he creates the MBX® series of belts, which are still categorized today in line with the color-coding system he introduced back then (black, ocher, green and blue). This change and continue development of the MONTI product range sees the company finally break into the professional automotive tools segment.


Vinyl Zapper®

As part of its efforts to expand the product range for the automotive sector, MONTI develops the patented Vinyl Zapper® that removes vinyl, stickers and adhesive residues from acrylic paints, primarily on metal surfaces and glass. Parallel to this, MONTI moves into the sign industry.


Top 20 Tools Award

The US’s MOTOR Magazine honours the MBX® series with the Top 20 Tools Award! A true accolade for our technology!


Product Developments

The launch of a user-friendly electric drive unit massively increases the number of prospective customers. On top of this, the new 11 mm belt also increases the range of applications. MONTI is on the rise!


MONTI Tools Inc.

In order to meet the level of demand in the US market, the subsidiary MONTI Tools Inc. is set up in Houston/Texas. The Texan headquarters control the group’s activities across the whole of North America.


Bristle Blaster®

Groundbreaking and cutting-edge: The patented Bristle Blaster® is the first hand-held brush belt system in the world that produces a quality of surface roughness and a result comparable to that achieved by sandblasting. The new Bristle Blaster® Technology opens up a path into a huge variety of different industries to MONTI and immediately develops into a second mainstay for the company in addition to the MBX® series. Consequently, a global network of importers and dealers is set up that focuses exclusively on selling and providing product training for the Bristle Blaster®


Die Blaster®

The MBX® is joined by the Die Blaster®, a machine that can be used in areas that are difficult to reach and yet still enables a rough surface to be created. The Die Blaster® has become indispensable in the automotive industry, especially for restorers of vintage and classic cars.



Up to this time, MONTI had been operating from three different sites around Bonn. 2012 sees the company relocate to Hennef and finally move into premises where the whole company is housed under the same roof. In addition to shorter distances between workstations and improved communication, the main benefit of this geographical merger is that everyone who works for the company now feels like they are part of one big family – the MONTI family.


Innovation developments

The patented characteristics of the Bristle Blaster® form the basis of four new innovating machines. In 2018 started the development of the Cleantech Prepper®, the Subsea Equipment, the Autarq and the battery-powered version of Monti.


Monti Group

Monti is a family, located all over the world. With the new positioning of Monti there is the now new named parent organisation, called Monti Group. Within the Monti Group there are nine different divisions, all targeting a different market in surface preparation. one of them, MontiPower®, stands for global impact of the new Monti.