NACE, ISO and SSPC standards

Our Bristle Blasting Services are able to prep the surface and remove coatings that meet NACE, ISO and SSPC standards for the degree of cleanliness blasted steel. This includes near white metal blast and white metal blast.

With wider oscillation Cleantech Solutions such as Quattro (Q4) and the Cleantech Prepper®, we can create an anchor pattern profile meeting the adhesion and corrosion resistance demands for your primer choice such as zinc, epoxy, butyl, flamespray zinc or TSA. The oscillation technologies eliminate manual operation and can be used almost anywhere, including enclosed spaces, or in locations that need less containment than if you were gritblasting. Because Oscillating Bristle Blasting emits no dust, and uses no water, contractors can save time and money on clean-up and containment.

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